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Why Recycle?

Recycling is important and Grand Rapids’ single-stream recycling program makes it easier than ever. The following three reasons are directly related to the triple bottom line—the idea that environmental sustainability and social responsibility are just as important as financial considerations when determining the value of a service.

Our Economy

Recycling is an important part of waste reduction efforts for the City of Grand Rapids because it helps keep everyone’s disposal costs low and reduces the need to build new landfills.

Our Environment

Recycling helps conserve resources for future generations. It saves energy by turning trash into materials for new products instead of supporting mining and logging activities. It also supports the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)—a way to measure the sustainability efforts of a program by evaluating its economic, environmental and social aspects. mygrcitypoints has a TBL goal of making our community more environmentally friendly while providing an economic benefit to local businesses and a social benefit to citizens.

Our People

Using our City’s easy and convenient Single Stream Recycling program helps promote a sense of community among Grand Rapids residents. You can have a sense of pride knowing that you’re pitching in to keep costs down and preserve our natural environment.

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