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Recycling Program’s Most Unique Reward Has Been Redeemed

Brewery Vivant’s “Have a beer named after you” offer has been claimed

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – One of the most unique and highest point total offers available from the successful program has been claimed, granting the winner to have a personalized Brewery Vivant beer made and named after them.

The winners, Amy and Steve Ruis from Grand Rapids, claimed the coupon, valued at 5,000 points, just before Christmas. Amy was the official winner, but she claimed the prize to give to her husband for a Christmas gift.

The couple has been meeting with Brewery Vivant officials to craft the beer and work on the name. Once the details are worked out and the beer has been made, Amy and Steve are entitled to have a private 8-person “launch” party at Brewery Vivant.

“I redeemed this in late November as I was realizing my points were accruing quickly and I hadn’t used any - because we apparently recycle – a lot!” says Amy Ruis, referring to her recycling route’s impressive statistics. “I started looking through the options on the website and I passed by this one, but then I thought what better idea than to use this as the basis of Steve’s Christmas present!"

“This is our "grand prize" and we were surprised it got snatched up as soon as it did,” said Brewery Vivant owner Jason Spaulding. “But that is also really cool because that means there has been some serious recycling being done. This is the exact type of thing that we like to support at Brewery Vivant. We have some pretty high internal goals for working toward being a zero waste company and a lot of that includes recycling. This program helps us raise awareness about recycling and we thought we would just make it fun!”
Amy and Steve have met with Spaulding and Brewery Vivant’s Head Brewer Jacob Derylo and discussed some beer philosophy, style ideas and other important elements involving creating a beer. “We have some things flushed out,” notes Spaulding. “Steve needs to come up with a name for the beer still. It is kind of like wanting to see what your baby is going to look like before finalizing the name on the birth certificate!”

The beer is expected to be ready for tasting by Spring of 2012.

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